Health / Smoking Disadvantages

It will affect the organs of the body and can cause illness and death. Things affected by smoking are heart, blood vessels, lungs and fertility system. E.t.c.

S. No Disadvantages Details
1 Heart It increases your high blood pressure. Smoking affects the blood vessels by and narrowing and hardens vessels which lead to a disease called atherosclerosis which is a cause of heart attacks and peripheral artery disease.
2 Lung When smoke inhaled into lungs by cigarettes which cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis and emphysema)
3 Effects on Fertility In men it reduces sperm count and decreases the sperm's ability to fertilize an egg. In Women smoker are likely to experience infertility.
4 Infections Smoking can cause ear infections and asthma attacks in children, increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
5 Weak Bones Smoking can have high rate of osteoporosis and hip fractures after menopause for women.
6 Cancer Cigarette smoke contains various chemicals which can cancer (mouth, lips, tongue and throat lung, stomach, bladder, mouth and esophagus).
7 Teeth Teeth become Stained teeth.
8 Pregnancy Complications Women smoker during pregnancy have higher chance of premature births, low birth weight babies and babies die in the women womb.
9 Early Death Cigarette smoker will die early (13.2 years) than a non Cigarette smoker.

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