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Social media optimization (SMO) makes to grow your organization's using internet. Here we use different digital marketing strategies like Facebook Marketing, Google+ Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and Blogging e.t.c

Digital Marketing Strategies Topic Covered
Facebook Marketing 1. Facebook profile Creation.
2. Facebook options (Profiles, Pages, Apps and Groups).
3. Facebook Page Creation and working.
4. Facebook promotion .
5. Facebook Posts and their content types.
6. Facebook Content Creation Strategy.
7. Facebook Likes and Shares.
8. Audience behavior Analysis.
9. Facebook Share Button on site Implementing.
10. Facebook Like Box on site Implementing.
11. Facebook Groups.
12. Facebook Advertising.
Google+ Marketing 1. Google+ profile Creation.
2. Google+ Facebook Page Creation and working.
3. Promoting G+ pages.
Twitter Marketing 1. Twitter profile Creation.
2. Twitter Benefits.
3. Twitter Profile Management.
4. Twitter Profile Promotion.
LinkedIn Marketing 1. LinkedIn profile Creation.
2. Adding Users.
3. Managing Users.
4. Creating and managing Company Page.
5. Creating and managing Groups.
6. Posting sites and pages in LinkedIn.
Video Marketing 1. YouTube Account / Channel Creation.
2. Uploading videos to YouTube Channel.
3. Giving Details to Uploading videos.
4. Monetizing money using YouTube Channel.
5. Other video marketing channels.
Blogging 1. Blog Creation.
2. Blog Management.
3. Blog Content Strategy.
4. Free blogging sites (Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Weheartit, Scoop.it, Digg, Slashdot, Pocket, Bizsugar ).

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