General Knowledge / Stock Exchanges Of Different Countries

A stock exchange , securities exchange or bourse, is a facility where stock brokers and traders can buy and sell securities , such as shares of stock and bonds and other financial instruments. To be able to trade a security on a certain stock exchange , the security must be listed there.

Rank Stock exchange Region Market place
1 New York Stock Exchange United States New York City
2 NASDAQ United States New York City
3 Japan Exchange Group Japan Tokyo
4 Shanghai Stock Exchange China Shanghai
5 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Hong Kong
6 Euronext European Union/EEA Amsterdam
7 London Stock Exchange Group United Kingdom London
8 Shenzhen Stock Exchange China Shenzhen
9 TMX Group Canada Toronto
10 Bombay Stock Exchange India Mumbai
11 National Stock Exchange India Mumbai
12 Deutsche Börse Germany Frankfurt
13 SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland Zurich
14 Korea Exchange South Korea Seoul,Busan
15 Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges
Copenhagen Stock Exchange Denmark Copenhagen
Stockholm Stock Exchange Sweden Stockholm
Helsinki Stock Exchange Finland Helsinki
Tallinn Stock Exchange Estonia Tallinn
Riga Stock Exchange Latvia Riga
Vilnius Stock Exchange Lithuania Vilnius
Iceland Stock Exchange Iceland Iceland
Armenia Securities Exchange Armenia Armenia
16 Australian Securities Exchange Australia Sydney
17 Taiwan Stock Exchange Taiwan Taipei
18 B3 Brazil São Paulo
19 JSE Limited South Africa Johannesburg
20 Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Spain Madrid

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