Astrology / Sulaiman Hakik Stone Details and benefits

Stone Attributes Details
Stone Name sulaiman hakik stone
Classified As A Gemstone
Other Name soldier’s stone
Purpose Used as a fortune-teller stone in Astrology
Color grey,Red, black, milky, blue, pink, brown and green.
Lines Present / Not May be / May Not
Used By Astrologers nullify the evil effects of Rahu and Ketu.
Removes Bad luck, avert the Evil Eye, malefic effect of Plant Saturn, bad planetary effects, evil effects of Rahu and Ketu, fears, anxiety, uncontrollable Emotions, lymphatic pains , cures skin problems , nightmares and breast cancer
Improves / Helps In Blood circulation, Sleep, digestion, metabolism , Mental Health, self confidence, pregnancy ,heals muscle, joint, sexual powers, focus, performance, heartbeat, health problems, willpower , concentration, stabilizes root chakra female reproduction, Stimulate Energy of your body and self-confidence
Quality Based On Multi colored or Dark Color of the Stone. I.e. more dark high quality or color and more color high Quality.
Who Can Worn Old / young and Women / men
Worn On Days Sundays and Friday after prayers
Worn As A Ornament Ring / bracelet / orb jeweler
Wearer Achieve Set and Achieve Committed goal.
Brings Wearer closer to God Logically.
Example Image1 Sulaiman Hakik Stone
Example Image2 Sulaiman Hakik Stone

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