Health / Super Healthy Spices

These are used to cure so many diseases.

S. No Spice Name Details
1 Oregano Helps soothe stomach muscles
2 Mint can ease hiccups
3 Thyme Relaxes respiratory Muscle
4 Turmeric Anti-cancer
5 Ginger Anti-nausea remedy
6 Basil Can relieve gas and soothe upsets
7 Garlic Natural antiseptic
8 Black pepper Help relieve indigestion
9 Fenugreek Helps flush out harmful toxins
10 Cayenne Can stop a heart attack
11 Fennel Can reduce bad breath anybody odor
12 Cinnamon Helps lower blood pressure
13 Clove Anti-microbial
14 Dill Treat heartburn, colic and gas
15 sage Anti septic and antibiotic
16 Rosemary Antioxidant

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