Health / Super Seeds for Health

S. No Seeds Name Benefits Rich In
1 Chia Seeds Lower bad cholesterol levels Rich in anti-oxidants, Contain omega 3 fatty acids and Provides dietary fibre
2 Hemp Seeds Has anti-aging properties Great source of calcium, Contains omega 3 fatty Acids, Contains vit  A, E, and D
3 Pomegranate Seeds Stunts tumor growth, Tightens skin and Reduces fine line/ wrinkles Rich in anti-oxidants
4 Sunflower Seeds Make skin and hair healthy, Has anti-cancer properties Contain vit b and E, Rich in folite
5 Cumin Seeds Supports prenatal development Improves digestion Relieves digestive ailments Good for skin and hair health  
6 Sesame Seeds Has anti-cancer properties ,Helps with rheumatoid arthritis Rich in calcium and iron, Rich in fiber content
7 Flax Seeds Helps maintain blood sugar Make bones stronger Lowers cholesterol levels Contains soluble fiber
8 Apricot Seeds Has anti-aging properties Speeds up digestion Balances metabolism Rich in vitamin B17
9 Grape Seeds Reduces high blood pressure Good for skin and hair health Rich in Vitamin E and flavonoids, Rich in linoleum acid & Polyphone
10 Pumpkin Seeds Decreases oxidative stress, Increases immunity and Good for skin and eye health Rich in zinc

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