Astrology / Surya Grahan Dos And Donts

1. Stay in house / building.
2. Close doors and windows during the Grahan time so that sun rays will not enter into the house.
3. Place / put Kusha grass / Tulsi leaves / Darbha on the vessels containing food grains, water bottles before the Grahan starts.
4. Chant Rudra / Mahamrityunjaya / Tryambakam Mantras and Sun / Surya God Mantras.
5. Take a complete bath (head + Body) after the eclipse gets completed.
6. Purify / clean house with a Gangajal water and with turmeric water.
7. Pray lord during Grahan time / period and after Grahan time have breakfast.

1. Avoid seeing sun with naked eye.
2.Any Pregnant women should not sleep during the Grahan time / period and has to hold sharp object(pin / needle).
3. Avoid food / water during the Sutak period.
4. Don’t eat anything food left of the previous day.
5.Do not cook anything during the eclipse.
6. After Grahan is completed have bath (head + Body) (complete bath) and then eat anything.
7. Don’t do any prosperous / new activity like staring a new business during the Grahan time.

This is only general information but not a professional advice.

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