Health / Tasty Food Alternatives Tips To Loose Weight

S. No Instead Of Image Replace With Image
Fruit Juice Fruits
2 CauliFlower Broccoli
3 Apple BlueBerries
4 Curd Low Fat Yogurt
5 Green Beans Black Beans
6 Water Warm Water
7 White Rice Brown Rice
8 Corn Flakes Oats Meal
9 Mashed Potato Mashed vegies  
10 Eggs Shrimp  
11 Peanuts Almonds
12 Chicken Turkey
13 Chokolates Dark Chokolates
14 Coffee Green Tea

Tips to lose weight
S.No Tip
1 Eat much water in a day(Drink 6 cups of water a day)
2 Eat more greens vegetables
3 Eat whole grains
4 Use skimmed milk
5 Do Exercise regularly.
6 Eat more seafood
7 Eat more fiber foods
8 Eat less red meat.
9 Eat more red meat.
10 Eat Healthy snacks
11 Cook with fat free broth
12 Maintain correct / regular time for eating

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