Health / Tongue Health Indicator For Human Body

In ayurveda, tongues color, marks and shades e.t.c indicates the health of a person (Normal or Abnormalities / problems).

Types Of Tongue
S. No Tongue Type Details
1 VATA TONGUE Sizesmall, Thin, And Dry
2 PITTA TONGUE Size Medium, Tapered, Reddish And Slightly Dry.
3 KAPHA TONGUE Size Larger, Round, Slightly Pale And Moist.

wisdom materials

S. No Tongue Appearance Problems Tongue Conditions Image
1 Normal - wisdom materials
2 QI Deficiency Fatigue, poor appetite, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, over thinking and worrying. Thin white coating, teeth marks, pale tongue with a few red spots. wisdom materials
3 Heat Fell Host, sweat easily, Thirsty, constipated, Irritable and bad tempered, skin problems e. t. c Thin Yellow coating, red Tongue. wisdom materials
4 Damp Retention Bloated, Fullness in chest and abdomen, Feel heavy and lethargic e. t. c   White greasy coating, swollen Tongue. wisdom materials
5 Blood Stasis Cold limbs, varicose veins, painful legs, Head ache, chest pain, leaver spots, lack of skin lustere. t. c Black spots and purple Tongue. wisdom materials
6 QI Stagnation Stressed, tendency to be depressed and upset, unstable emotional state PMT e. t. c Red Tip and Thin white coating. wisdom materials
7 Damp Heat Skin Problems, urinary infections, clammy skin, Angry and uncomfortable e. t. c   Yellow greasy coating and red Tongue. wisdom materials
8 Yang Deficiency Feel cold easily, always need warmth, pale complexion, Back pain, tendency to be panic, emotionally be low, impotency, infertility e. t. c Thin white coating and pale swollen Tongue. wisdom materials
9 Yin Deficiency Hot flushes, sweat at night, Insomnia, Irritable, Ringing in the ears, menopause or irregular menstruation e. t. c Cracks, red Tongue, little / no coating wisdom materials
10 Blood Deficiency Dizziness,Fatigue, Palpitations, Poor concentration and memory, Insomnia, Women’s problems e. t. c pale Tongue and little / no coating wisdom materials

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