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S.No House Model Purpose Price Image
1 Hut These are small crude shelters. It is mostly made of natural plus locally obtainable materials. It’s swift plus cheap in the building. Nowadays we can see such huts on isolated tribal areas only. 650 Huts
2 Shamiana These are well-liked temporary ethnic tents and also utilised for outdoor parties otherwise restaurants. These come in brilliant designs moreover and have various shades. 4,000 Shamiana
3 Bungalow The bungalow is yet another and popular house design. They are large homes used as a solitary family unit. You can see these types of houses in the urban spaces. The biggest advantage of these types of houses in the area of space in and around your home that gives you enough room for a garden or even a stroll. 15,00,000 Bungalow
4 Apartment-Flat These are self-controlled multi-storied housing units. The lower floors are calling basement suites plus top floors are call penthouses. The little ones are call studios otherwise Bachelor’s Quarters. Now, many families reside in the same building. Most public amenities are ordinary. 80,00,000 Apartment-Flat
5 Villa Previously this type of houses was meant for the upper-class state homes. Currently, separate modern townhouses are moreover called villas. They are available in all shapes and ranges from luxury villas to king size super luxurious. Amenities like your driveway, backyard/lawn, garden plus a pool are accessible with these homes and are a source of comfort. 25,00,000 Villa
6 Habitat House Baker model houses are lucrative, sustainable, organic architecture initiative. Idea visualized by British Indian Architect, Laurence Wilfred Baker, this has been popularized in Kerala as the low-cost ecological houses. Every building is unique plus good-looking with space consideration which blends by nature of that plot. This beautiful home is a way out for people looking for low-cost construction. 20,00,000 HabitatHouse
7 Condominium This is a type of home ownership when you buy a part in an apartment building otherwise townhouse complex, however, does not own the land. Every owner pays their mortgage, taxes, utilities plus a monthly fee towards property maintenance. Occasionally, you can lease condos from the owner. It includes individual ownership apartments plus co-ownership of all common areas, similar to rooftops; outdoor areas playrooms. You get the space, moreover an individual house otherwise an apartment. Common property is preserved by a fee collected from all landlords. 40,00,000 Condominium
8 Kutcha House They are prepared of wood, straw, mud and dried out leaves. A hut is a kutcha house. Several people reside in one place for an extremely short time. They build houses which can be enthused from one place to another. Such houses are calling provisional houses, and they are designed on their mud walls from the exterior giving it a beautiful look. They are defined as the typical rural houses in India. 12,000 KutchaHouse
9 Tepee A tepee is ready of a cone-shaped wooden casing by a covering of buffalo hide. Similar to modern tents, tepees are cautiously designed to group and break down speedily. When a tribe roams from place to place, every family would bring their tipi poles plus hide tent together with them. Initially, tepees were concerning 12 feet high; however, once the Plains Indian tribes get horses, they start building them double as high. Tepees are first-class houses for people who are forever on the move. 40,000 Tepee
10 Cabin A little, about built house. The cabins on the ship are fairly small but comfortable. This kind of Indian style house is not common and is often a piece of fancy. The cabins, however, have wooden flooring and are neatly decked for appearance. 1,00,000 cabin
11 Long House They are built by pole frames plus elm bark covering. The major difference is that longhouses are a lot, much larger than wigwams. Longhouses can be 200 feet long, 20 feet high and 20 feet wide. Inside the longhouse, raise platforms formed a second story that was utilized for sleeping space. Mats plus wood screens separated the longhouse into split rooms. 2,30,000 LongHouse
12 Palace Noble residences of yesteryears, a number of them have been changed as hotels, museums otherwise tourist centres. A few of these are used as the home of Heads of State. The Kowdiar Palace in Thiruvananthapuram is at rest used by a nearby generation of Thiruvithamcore dynasty. These houses are the best and very costly houses in India and come with top luxurious facilities. 10,00,00,000 Palace
13 Eco-Friendly Home These are houses which pool jointly many factors like rainwater crop, multi-fuel burning stoves, grounds, glazed windows, insulate the loft, solar panels, storm turbine, dung heap, waste recycling, power efficient appliance etc. Grass houses are prepared by a wooden frame twisted into a beehive shape plus thatched by long prairie grass. Take a look at this modern Indian house. 10,00,000 Eco-FriendlyHome
14 Temporary House In distant areas and mountains etc., houses are only prepared of readily accessible materials. Such houses are called Temporary houses. Caravan, tent plus houseboats are an example of brief houses. Gipsies live in house on wheels call caravans. A house prepared of cloth is a tent. A houseboat is a floating house. A lot of soldiers live in tents in their camp. A house prepared of snow otherwise blocks of ice is name an igloo. They survive in extremely cold places. 3,00,000 TemporaryHouse
15 Antilia House This is the world’s primary billion-dollar house plus is on Malabar Hills at Mumbai. A 27 storeyed building, it is Mukesh Ambani’s new house for his single-family. By a proposed construction cost of extra than 2 billion dollars, it has three helipads plus nine elevators. It is one of the best and is a super luxurious house in India which is also the costliest. 6,000 crore AntiliaHouse
16 Small Indian House Take a look at the small Indian house image. The typical nuclear Indian family consists of 4 members, and this kind of house is the most common one for them. The house is complete with a small open area in the front and a big gate protecting it. 25,00,000 SmallIndianHouse
17 Bamboo House Bamboo House India is a beautiful one to stay in. They come in various sizes and shapes. They are designed by the rural communities in India, and this acts as a sustainable livelihood opportunity for them. You can also find them at the tourist places as a good means of stay. 2,00,000 BambooHouse
18 Stilt House Stilt houses are fancy and are built from a raise from the ground of water or soil. One of the main reason for such a type of construction is for protection against flooding. They are yet another Indian house models. 3,00,000 StiltHouse
19 Wooden House The harmonica, also known as a French harp or mouth organ, is a free reed wind instrument used worldwide in many musical genres, notably in blues, American folk music, classical music, jazz, country, and rock. 3,50,000 WoodenHouse
20 Tree House They are very common in the forest areas and are major attraction and fascination for many people. It sits high like the branch and is a stay worth taking up. 3,00,000 TreeHouse
21 Business House Business houses in India, are another popular kind of houses you can find. They are modelled to luxury and comfort and probably the costliest. They are designed keeping in mind the needs of a businessman. 100,00,00,000 BusinessHouse

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