Entertainment / Womens Wear Ornaments List

S.No Women Deodorant Type Purpose Price Image
1 Nutrium Moisture This antiperspirant deodorant formula works for up to 48-hours 450 NutriumMoisture
2 Natural It seems to have gained a cult following 150 Natural
3 Clinical Strength Provides 48 hours of freshness via its odor-fighting capsules 999 ClinicalStrength
4 Aluminum-Free Roll-On One of the oldest and most trusted natural deodorant lines out there 160 Aluminum-FreeRoll-On
5 Scent A blend of jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and musk 250 Scent
6 Baking Soda-Free Great for anyone with sensitive skin who gets irritated easily 1600 BakingSoda-Free
7 Spray A sprayable antiperspirant deodorant that doesn’t leave visible residue 250 Spray
8 Antiperspirant Uses 16% aluminum chlorohydrate to stop sweat in its tracks 700 Antiperspirant
9 Gel Goes on as a clear gel and dries down 800 Gel
10 Long Lasting Promises to keep you dry and odor-free for a whole 48 hours 400 LongLasting

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