Astrology / Vastu of a House Represents

House of Vastu Represents
1 st House Strength and Weakness, Energy, Aura, Every aspect of Lagna , Physical Appearance, Shape, Color, General, Temperament, Thoughts, Beauty
2 nd House Money, Financial, Material Possession, Marak, Marriage , Voice, Relatives, Growing up years, Values in Life, ENT
3 rd House Memory, Arms & Shoulder, Collar bone, Respiratory system, Deafness, Learn, Short travel , Social media, TV, Phone, Mobile, etc., Younger brother
4 th House Sukh sthan, Mother, Breast/chest, House, Lungs, Digestion, Land , Happiness & Prosperity, House & Vehicles, Stomach,
5 th House Struggle in studies, Mentality, Love & Romance, Love marriage, Creativity , Children, Education, Good Luck, Short term gain, Heart, Spinal cord, Gall bladder, etc.
6 th House Kidney, Appendix, Sickness & Psychiatric problems , Energy, Job, Health, Debt, Obstacles, Waist , Lower abdomen
7 th House Darker side of relationship, Love/Arrange Marriage, Friends, Kidney ovaries, Reproduction organs , Marriage & Divorce, Partnership in business, Love & Romance, Mar, Spouse.
8 th House Inherited Property, Pelvic bones, Paranormal activities, Intuition & Research work , Death, Longevity, Lottery, Piles, Chronic Diseases, Detective activities.
9 th House Brother in Law, Travel, Thigh and Leg, Higher Learning & Education., Fate, Father, Guru, Spiritualism & Thoughts, Good karma, Ethics & Morality.
10 th House Business or Job, Mother in Law, Inflammation in joints of Knees, Skin Diseases, Allergy, Reputation, Depth of Work , Profession, Father, Income source
11 th House Features in lower part of the Body, Pain in legs, Long term profit , Labha & Profit, Friends, Elder Brother, Productivity of Blood, Income level, Name & Frame, Wealth & Prosperity
12 th House Secret Life, Left eye &Feet, Lymphatic Organs, Spouse Health , Ending of life, Loss, Imprisonments, Seperation from partner, Fatherís work & Uncle, Brotherís Money & Loss

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