Astrology / Vimshottari Dasa System

It is based on Moons position at the birth time in a specific nakshatra and is proposed by Sage Parashara. A planet gets Show benefits or draw backs based on the sign it got is placed and benefits or draw backs are shown for a particular period of time. Any planets rulership period at birth time depends on nakshatra ruled by the planet.

Vimshottari means 120 in sanskrit
Dasa system contains = 120 years.
Each planet has a certain years.
1 Dasa divided into 9 unequal parts per 9 Planet = 1 Pukthi.
1 Pukthi divided into 9 parts per 9 Planet = 1 Anthra.

Planets Rulership Sequence
S. No Planet Dasa Years
1 Ketu 7 Years
2 Venus 20 Years
3 Sun 6 Years
4 Moon 10 Years
5 Mars 7 Years
6 Rahu 18 Years
7 Jupiter 16 Years
8 Saturn 19 Years
9 Mercury 17 Years
Total 120 Years

Based on birth star/nakshatra every one’s dasa will start.
i.e every one’s dasa will not start with Ketu it may start with any planet.

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