Hinduism / Vishnu Avatars and Its Purpose

10 avatars (Lord Vishnu appearances) of Lord Vishnu are called as Vishu dash avatars. (Dashavatar = das meaning ten and avatar meaning incarnation) in different yugas.

S. No Vishnu Avatar Name Avatar Purpose
1 Matsya / Fish Matsya is described to have rescued the first man Manu from a great deluge.
2 Kurma / Tortoise / turtle The gods and the demons / asuras / titans work jointly in the churning of the ocean of milk to obtain amrita to get the ability to live forever / eternal life.
3 Varaha / boar / wild swine It is to protect the planet Earth from a demon named Hiranyaksha, Vishnu taken varaha avatar to save Mother Earth from drowning (die through submersion in and inhalation of water.) in the cosmic ocean.
4 Narasimha / man-lion Narasimha avatar purpose is to protect the devotee Prahlada from his demon father Hiranyakasipa, to prove that God will always come to the rescue of his devotees who are sincere devotee.
5 Vamana / Dwarf Vamana avatar purpose to is protect the gods from Bali (grandson of bhakta prahaladha), making (something) physically stronger his powers, is occupying the throne over the three worlds. In this avatar Vamana kills Bali.
6 Parashurama / Warrior with an Axe / Brahman warrior Parashurama avatar purpose is to kill all kshatriyas kings who had become evil and were troubling the Brahmins.
7 Rama / Prince king of Ayodhya Rama avatar purpose is to kill the evil Asura king Ravana, his associates and to protect his devotees.
8 Balarama / Philosopher & Guide Balaram avatar purpose is to protect Krishna.
9 Krishna / Philosopher & Guide Vishnu took avatar as Krishna to kill his maternal uncle (Mama) Kans.
10 Kalki / Eternity/White-Horse Kalki avatar purpose is to punish the wicked, reward the good, and inaugurate the Satya Yuga age of sacrifice and dharma.

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