Health / Vitamins And Minerals Deficiency Diseases

Nutrients Deficiency Diseases 
Vitamin – A  Night Blindness And Other Vision Problems.
Vitamin –B Beriberi.
Vitamin –C Gum Bleeding And Scurvy.
Vitamin –D Improper Growth Of Bones And Rickets.
Vitamin –E Heart Problems And Haemolysis.
Vitamin –K Haemorrhage.
Carbohydrates Hypoglycaemia And Ketoacidosis.
Proteins Kwashiorkor And Marasmus.
Iodine Goitre, Anaemia, Hypothyroidism.
Calcium Muscle Spasms, Low Bone Density, And Hypocalcaemia.
Sodium Gastrointestinal Distress, The Improper Functioning Of Nerves And Muscles.
Phosphorous Weak Bones And Muscles, Joint Pains, Nervous System Disorders, Obesity, Etc.

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