Health / Walking Benefits

S. No Benefit
1 Reduces risk of heart disease.
2 Helps to maintain weight.
3 Reduces your stress levels.
4 Increases your energy levels.
5 Helps to boost your mood.
6 Gets the blood pumping.
7 Prevents obesity
8 Can help to reduce anxiety.
9 Increases functioning of lungs.
10 Increases the body access to vitamin D.
11 Reduces risk of cancer.
12 Can improve the quality of sleep.
13 Gives you the time to practice self care.
14 Improves coordination and balance.
15 Improves quality of life.
16 Reduces the risk of diabetes.
17 Walking can spark creativity.
18 Strengthens your bones and muscles.
19 Can Improves your blood pressure.
20 Can helps to boost your immune system.

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