Health / Water Remedies for Human Body

S. No Type Benefits
1 Rice water Glowing skin, healthy hair shrink pores and energy drink
2 Fennel water Relieves menstrual problems digestive problems weight loss and healthy skin
3 Mint water Detox freshen breath fight acne, promote digestion and improve complexion
4 Cucumber Healthy skin ease nausea keeps  you hydrated and remove dark circles
5 Lemon water Flat belly boost immune system detox blemish free skin and healthy digestion
6 Ginger water Relieve menstrual cramps, headache, bloating cold  and indigestion
7 Rose water Shiny hair, lighten scar tighten pores, soothes eyes purify skin prevents breakouts
8 Honey water Cure acne, reduce bloating flush out toxins sore throat remedy, weight loss.

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