Astrology / Which Day To Pray Which God

Day Of A Week Day Devoted To The God Ruling Planet God Bless Devotees With Lucky Color To Wear Dress, Rings and E.T.C
Sunday Surya Sun Good Health, positive attitude and Heals Skin Diseases. Red Color
Monday Shiva Moon Peace, Long Life and Health. White
Tuesday Hanuman Mars Removes Obstacles and Fears From Life. Red Color
Wednesday Ganesha Mercury Removes Negitive attitude and Obstacles In The Life. Green and Yellow Color.
Thursday Vishnu Jupiter Happiness In Marriage and Removes Family Conflicts Yellow Clothes and Avoid Wearing Black Colors.
Friday Durga Venus Prosperity, Wealth, positive attitude and Happiness In life. Wear White and Light Colored Clothes
Saturday Shani Saturn Good Fortune, Happiness, Wealth and Peace. Black Color

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