Entertainment / Wild Animals List

S.No Wild Animal Name Behavior Carnivorous/Herbivorous Image
1 Bear They are very gentle and tolerant animals Omnivore Bear
2 Camel Suited to their desert habitat of transport for passengers and cargo Herbivorous Camel
3 Cheetah Use their speed as a short advantage to catch their prey Carnivorous Cheetah
4 Elephent Usually peaceful animals Herbivorous Elephent
5 Fox Known to be friendly and curious Carnivorous Fox
6 Giraffe Very informal and the individuals in the herds are often changing Herbivorous Giraffe
7 Hippo Highly aggressive and unpredictable nature Herbivorous Hippo
8 Hyena Greater plasticity in its hunting and foraging behaviour Carnivorous Hyena
9 Kangaroo Live and travel in organized groups Herbivorous Kangaroo
10 Leopard They are very agile and good swimmers Carnivorous Leopard
11 Lion Hunt cooperatively, stalking from more than one direction Carnivorous Lion
12 Lynx May travel and hunt together occasionally Carnivorous Lynx
13 Panther Hunt at night and sense of smell to locate prey Carnivorous Panther
14 Rhino Highly aggressive and a keen sense of smell Herbivorous Rhino
15 Tiger Hunt at night and Powerful swimmer Carnivorous Tiger
16 Wolf Highly intelligent who are caring, playful and above all devoted to family Carnivorous Wolf
17 Zebra Live alone or in loosely associated herds Herbivorous Zebra
18 Buffalo Mobbing behavior when fighting off predator Herbivorous Buffalo
19 Blackbuck Gregarious and social animals with herds generally Herbivorous Blackbuck
20 Deer Alert to danger and will respond quickly Herbivorous Deer

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