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Colour Therapy / Chronotherapy / Colour Healing / Holistic Healing

colour therapy uses different colours (visible spectrum of light) and each colour is associated with an energy centres (chakras) in the body, and by applying these colours, balance and harmony can be restored.

ColourEffects the
RedEnergy, Vitality, Stimulation, Raise Blood Pressure.
OrangeCreativity, Enthusiasm, Warmth, To Stimulate Mental Activity And Encourage Sociability.
YellowOptimism, Happiness, Mental Clarity, Optimism
GreenHarmony, And Growth, Calming Effect and Promote Emotional Stability.
BlueWith Tranquillity, Calmness, Relaxation, Lower Blood Pressure And Reduce Stress.
IndigoIntuition, Perception and Spiritual Awareness
IndigoIntuition, Perception, Spiritual Awareness, To Promote Deep Relaxation And Enhance Meditation.
Violet/PurpleSpirituality, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Stimulate the Imagination And Encourage Inner Peace.

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