Education / General Knowledge Contents

S.No Topic Name
1 Indian Nation Identity Details
2 State and Union Territory wise Animals,Birds, Trees and Flowers
3 Indian States and their Capitals
4 Languages Used in Indian States
5 List Of Indian Chief Ministers State wise
6 List Of Governors In India State wise
7 Chief Ministers Of India
8 Chief Justice Of India
9 Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs) & Their Objective
10 List Of UPSC Chairman In India
11 List of CBI Directors Of India
12 List of Forests In India
13 List of Indian Air Chief Marshals
14 List Of Scientific Instruments And Their Uses
15 G20 Summit
16 Terms Used In Games
17 Transport Systems In India
18 Sources Of Nutrients And Deficiency Diseases
19 List Of Gardens In India
20 List Of Highest Himalaya Mountain Peaks In India
21 Indian Navy Admirals
22 Attorney Generals Of India
23 Classification Of Indian Soils
24 Types Of Elections In India
25 The Nationalist Movements In India
26 Chief Election Commissioners Of India
27 List Of Largest Libraries In India
28 Indian Prime Ministers List
29 List Of Active, Dormant & Extinct Volcanoes In India
30 Indian Presidents List
31 Famous Volcanoes In The World
32 Five Year Plans In India
33 Important Awards In India
34 Important Indian Exercise With Other Countries
35 Important International Cricket Tournaments
36 Important Cricket Tournaments in India
37 Important Indian Cities & Their Founders
38 UNESCO Heritages Sites In India
39 The Largest Deserts In The World
40 Ministers Of State
41 Summits In India
42 Famous News Papers Names In The World
43 International Banks And Head quarters
44 Cabinet Ministers And Their Constituencies
45 International Organization Head Quarters
46 List Of Domestic Airports In India
47 Reports Published By Different Organizations
48 List Of International,Domestic and other Airports In India
49 Important Revolutions in India
50 Central Bank Names Of Different Countries
51 Important Food Festivals Around The World
52 Cups And Trophies Related To Sports
53 National Symbols Of India
54 List Of Countries And Their Parliament Names
55 List Of Countries And Their Capitals And Currencies
56 Lists Of Palaces In India
57 List Of Tiger Reserves In India
58 Lists Of First Women In India
59 Lists Of First Men In India
60 List Of National Parks In India
61 Famous Festivals In India
62 Famous Temples In India
63 Banks Tag Lines
64 Ports In India
65 Census
66 List Of Nuclear Power Stations In India
67 List of waterfalls in India
68 River Side Cities In India
69 List Of Important Boundary Lines
70 Stock Exchanges Of Different Countries
71 List Of Space Centers In India
72 List Of State Governors And Chief Ministers Of India
73 List Of Core Industries
74 Dams In India
75 Books And Authors List
76 Banks Head Quarters List
77 Coal Industries
78 States Official Languages
79 Superlatives In India
80 Nicknames Of Indian Cities
81 List Of Bird Sanctuaries in India state Wise
82 List Of States And Their Dance Forms
83 List Of Stadiums Of The States
84 List Of Vice Presidents Of India
85 List Of Abbreviations
86 List Of Regional Rural Banks
87 List Of Speakers Of LOK SABHA
88 List Of Foreign Banks, Head Quarters And Their Taglines
89 List Of Private Sector Banks And Their Headquarters & Taglines
90 RBI Governors
91 Books & Writers
92 Government Schemes
93 List of countries and their national games
94 List Of Important Summits
95 Bird Sanctuaries In India
96 National Parks And Wildlife Sanctuaries In India
97 International Head Quarters
98 BIMSTEC Summits
99 ASEAN Summit
100 Chief Justice Of High Court (Indian Administration)
101 Father Of Various Fields
102 List Of DRDO Laboratories
103 List Of National Institutes
104 Important Indian Rivers And Their Origin
105 National Emergency
106 State Emergency
107 Financial Emergency
108 List Of Comptroller And Auditor General Of India(Cag)
109 List Of Noble Prize Winners From India
110 Rural Welfare Programmes
111 Modern India
112 Banks And Their Terms
113 President & Their Articles
114 Supreme Court Of India
115 Welfare Schemes For Women In India
116 GST Important Points
117 Fundamental Duties
118 List Of Indian Ambassadors To Other Countries
119 List Of National Independence Days
120 List Of National Animals Country Wise
121 Lakes List in India
122 Seaports List in India

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