Programming Languages / Micro processor Lab Manual

S.NO Assembly Language Program Name
1 Addition of two 8 bit Numbers
2 Subtraction of two 8-bit Numbers
3 Addition two 8 bit numbers and display in decimal
4 Decimal subtraction of two 8-bit numbers
5 Subtraction of two 8-bit numbers without using SUB/SBB
6 Addition of two 16 bit numbers
7 Subtraction of two 16 bit numbers
8 Add Contents Of Two Different Memory Locations
9 copy contents of one memory to another memory locations
10 Add Contents of a List
11 Find Largest Of Two Numbers ALP
12 Find Largest Of 8 Numbers ALP
13 Find Smallest Of Two Numbers ALP
14 Find no is positive or negative ALP
15 convert LSB to MSB ALP
16 convert BCD to ASCII ALP
17 Convert packed BCD to unpacked BCD ALP
18 Multiplication Of Two 8 Bit Numbers ALP
19 Division Of Two 8 Bit Numbers ALP
20 Count number of 1 s in 8 bit number ALP
21 check particular bit value is 0 1 ALP
22 Search for Particular Byte in A List ALP
23 Inverse Bit Position Of 8 Bit Number ALP
24 Convert BCD Number To Hexadecimal Number
25 Count Negative Numbers in Five 8 Bit Numbers list ALP
26 Arrange Numbers List In Descending Order ALP
27 Generate Up Going Sawtooth ALP
28 Generate downgoing sawtooth ALP
29 Generate saw tooth wave form using DAC ALP
30 Generate A Square wave form ALP
31 Generate Up Going Staircase wave form ALP
32 Generate Down Going Staircase wave form ALP
33 Generate Up and down going staircase waveform ALP
34 Control traffic at form way function ALP.
1. Vehicles from south should move in three directions.
2. Vehicles from west should move in remaining three directions.
3. Vehicles from North should move in three directions.
4. Vehicles from East should move in three directions.
5. Pedestrians should allow to cross the Road.
35 Interfacing stepper motor with 8085 ALP
36 Display text on LCD ALP
37 Interfacing 7 segment display ALP
38 Interface 7 segment display ALP (count the seconds)

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